【J.B. (Hans) Opschoor海牙社会研究所前所长、荷兰皇家科学院院士】来自J.B. (Hans) Opschoor教授的怀念



J.B. (Hans) Opschoor——海牙社会研究所前所长,阿姆斯特丹自由大学环境研究所前所长,阿姆斯特丹自由大学环境经济学教授, 荷兰皇家科学院院士

  今天上午,我得知赵景柱教授去世的消息。那悲惨的消息使我深感震惊。我和赵教授相识于30多年前的1989年4月,当时我参观了北京的生态环境研究中心,在那里,我向rces的研究人员举办了介绍环境经济学的研讨会,赵教授是其中的一名学生。后来,他来到阿姆斯特丹自由大学(Vrije Universiteit)做博士研究,我是他的推动者。从那时起,我们就一直保持联系,我也在RCEES上拜访过他几次。我开始欣赏他作为一个学者和一个人。他通过包括我在内的几个人加强了RCEES的国际活动。在他从事市政工作期间,我们没有太多的互动,但当他去厦门和城市环境研究所时,我们重新建立了联系,我也多次来到IUE。我们对城市环境和可持续发展有着共同的兴趣。事实上,他让我参与了《国际可持续发展与世界生态杂志》的创办,我成为了编委会的副主编之一,编委会由赵教授担任总编辑。在那些年里,我和他去了很多地方研究可持续发展,比如昆明和丽江。我们与致力于纳西可持续发展的人们,以及泸沽湖周围的摩梭人一起度过了一段时间。赵教授特别热心地带我去摩苏地区,我永远不会忘记我们在那里度过的时光。我对你们这个伟大的国家及其多元文化所知甚少,这要归功于赵教授。我们的联系非常深入,他建议我在IUE周围的花园里种一棵树,我怀着极大的感激和快乐来到了这里。不幸的是,我自己的健康状况在2012年恶化,以至于我被建议停止密集的国际旅行,所以从那以后,我们通过偶尔的通信保持联系。我失去了一位非常亲密的朋友和非常有趣的同事,我相信他的妻子和女儿也失去了一位温暖的丈夫和父亲。IUE失去了一位对国际工作有着浓厚兴趣的优秀同事和院士。 



  This morning I was informed about the passing away of Professor Jingzhu Zhao.  That sad news shocked me deeply. Prof. Zhao and I met well over 30 years ago, when I visited the Research Center for Eco-Environmental Studies in Beijing in April 1989, where I gave seminars introducing environmental economics to the RCEES research staff, and Zhao was one of the students. Later he came to the Vrije Universiteit in Amsterdam to do his doctoral research and I was his promotor. Since then we kept in touch and I visited him at RCEES several times. I came to appreciate him both as a scholar and as a person. He strengthened RCEES’  international activities through several people including myself. During the time he worked in the municipal domain we did not have much interaction but when he went to Xiamen and the Institute of Urban Environment we re-established contacts and I came to IUE several times. We shared an interest in urban environment and sustainable development. In fact he involved me in the setting up of the International Journal of Sustainable Development and World Ecology, where I became one of the Associate Editors on the Editorial Board that operated under Professor Zhao as Editor-in-Chief.  In those years he and I travelled much  to work on sustainable development, e.g. around Kunming and Lijiang. We spent time with people working on Naxi sustainable development, and also the Mosu people around Lugu Lake. Professor Zhao was especially keen to take me to the Mosu area and I shall never forget the time we spent there. What little I know of your great country and its diverse culture I owe to Professor Zhao.  Our contacts went deep enough to make him suggest I plant a tree in the gardens around the IUE and  I have dome so with great gratitude as well as pleasure. Unfortunately my own health situation deteriorated in 2012 to the extent that I was advised to stop traveling intensively internationally, so since then we kept in touch via occasional correspondence. I lost a very dear friend and extremely interesting colleague, and I am sure his wife and daughter lost a warm husband and father. IUE lost a good colleague and academician with a keen interest in international work.  


  Professor Zhu, if IUE feels it wish to share the above with others, please feel free to do so.     

  Yours sincerely,    


Prof. dr J.B. (Hans) Opschoor  

  former Rector of the Institute of Social Studies, The Hague 

  former director Institute of Environmental Studies, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam  

  professor of environmental economics, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam 

  honorary professor Research Center of Eco-Environmental Studies, Chinese Academy of Sciences 

  honorary Professor Nanjing Agricultural University, College of Land Management 

  member, Royal Netherlands’ Academy of Sciences.  

  info: "hans opschoor academia.edu"